Edgar Wright


Edgar Wright Sparks Brothers

Edgar Wright and Sparks are Here to Sell Records and Spread Love


We chat with Wright along with Ron Mael and Russell Mael of Sparks about collaborating and poking fun at themselves while remaining deadly serious.

Sundance 2021: The Sparks Brothers

‘The Sparks Brothers’ is an Engrossing Celebration of Unsung Music Icons


Edgar Wright’s documentary debut is as dynamic as his comedies, offering an affecting look at the long-spanning career of your new favorite band.

Scott Pilgrim

How Edgar Wright Foregrounds Sound


*furious whip-pan noises*

Best Comedy Movies Shaun Of The Dead

‘Shaun of the Dead’ and Finding Horror with Humor and Heart


‘Shaun of the Dead’ is the best horror-comedy of all time, and that’s because it has the biggest heart.

Edgar Wright zombie

We’ve Wanted This Kind of Horror Movie from Edgar Wright for a Long Time


The ‘Shaun of the Dead director isn’t laughing anymore.

Evil Dead II

Horror and Comedy are More Alike Than You Think


Watch a video essay that breaks down the horror-comedy genre.


The Next James Bond Movie of Our Mind


We imagine a future in which Edgar Wright, David Mackenzie, Alex Garland, and others direct 007.

No Featured Image

Edgar Wright is Making a Rock Doc


Wright’s first documentary project, about the band Sparks, makes perfect sense.

Paddington 2

Why You Shouldn’t Sleep on ‘Paddington 2’ Director Paul King


If you don’t already consider Paul King an equal to Edgar Wright and Taika Waititi, you will soon.