From a Single Bulb to Marquees Worldwide: The Evolution of Pixar

A supercut of the animation studio’s illustrious rise to power.
By  · Published on June 28th, 2017

A supercut of the animation studio’s illustrious rise to power.

For just over 30 years now, Pixar has been pushing the animation envelope to new, glorious, and mostly infallible heights. The studio has one of the greatest track records of any in the history of the medium, and they seem to have no shortage of ideas for what’s next. This year alone will see the release of two new Pixar films, Cars 3, in theaters now, and Coco, a mystery-adventure boasting an entirely Latino cast, which opens in November.

In the latest supercut from Burger Fiction, the evolution of Pixar is traced from its early days in the late 80s making groundbreaking shorts, to its heyday in the 90s making box-office-busting hits, to the present era where it continues to extend the limits of what animation can do, as well as the number of people it can reach. Pixar’s greatest quality has always been its inclusivity, the way it makes films that can be enjoyed by several different age groups at once, parents included. In fact, it feels safe to say the way Pixar tells stories and the kind of stories they tell has been just as influential as the technology they use to tell them. You can’t really have a monopoly on a genre, but if you could, Pixar would own the family film.

So rather ‘round the kids and take a quarter-hour’s walk through a quarter-century of imagination, innovation, and evolution, the studio’s and the art form’s.

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