Disney Pixar Luca

Pixar Filmmaker Enrico Casarosa on the Movies That Made ‘Luca’


We talk to the Oscar-nominated animator about Hayao Miyazaki, Giulietta Masina, and what inspired and influenced his feature directorial debut.

Luca Pixar movie

‘Luca’ is a Bright and Sunny Breath of Fresh Air


Santo Gorgonzola! This sea monster’s coming-of-age is a sweet and funny time.

Pixar Lighting Soul

The Real Fake Lighting of Pixar’s ‘Soul’


Here’s a video essay on the development of Pixar’s ray tracing technology and its importance (and beauty) in their latest film.

Pixar Inspiration Up

Pixar’s Secrets for Finding Inspiration


Choice snippets from Pete Docter on how the studio navigates creativity.

Soul Stairway To Heaven

9 Movies to Watch if You Like Pixar’s ‘Soul’


Recommendations for what to watch after you stream the new Pixar animated feature.

Pixar Soul

The Middle-Aged Protagonist of ‘Soul’ is the Hero My Child-Self Needed


Pixar’s latest endeavor is a crushing confrontation of self, but it offers tools to battle the inevitable onslaught of doubt.

Incredibles 2 Pixar animated clothing

How Pixar Animates Realistic-Looking Clothing


This is like when you want to eat animated food but it’s clothing.


Pixar is Obsessed With ‘The Odyssey’


The hero’s journey takes place on a hero’s journey.

Onward Box Office

Pixar Hits a New Low With ‘Onward’ Box Office Debut


The original animated feature gave the studio its worst opening ever, selling fewer tickets than even ‘The Good Dinosaur.’