‘Prisoners’ Trailer: Hugh Jackman Just Wants His Kids Back

By  · Published on June 28th, 2013

How far would you go if someone you loved was kidnapped and you thought you knew who did it? How much duct tape is involved?

In Prisoners, from director Denis Villeneuve (Incendies), a father has to face that question after his little girl and her best friend are taken. Hugh Jackman stars here as the despondent dad, Jake Gyllenhaal plays lawman Detective Loki (an Avengers tie-in?), and the rest of the cast is rounded out by some heavy-hitting names.

The trailer gets right into the middle of the moral tangle, but watch it at your own risk because it looks like it gives away a ton:

The only worrisome thing is the movie’s release date in September. Prisoners actually looks great, and Villeneuve has a sharp pedigree as a filmmaker, but September 20th is not a drop day that inspires a lot of confidence. It’s the January of Fall.

So here’s hoping Warners had such an overstock of good content that they had to place some of their good stuff in what’s normally viewed as a time of year when the trash gets taken out.

And, yes, I’m thinking exactly what you’re thinking: no one would have kidnapped Wolverine’s kids. You just don’t mess with a guy who can produce blades from his fists.

Would you go see this?

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