New ‘Red Dawn’ Poster Highlights Someone’s Ideal Militia: Attractive, Heavily Armed, and as White…

By  · Published on August 9th, 2012

New ‘Red Dawn’ Poster Highlights Someone’s Ideal Militia: Attractive, Heavily Armed, and as White as Our Founding Fathers

Much like the impending invasion of the United States by Liechtenstein’s armed forces that we all know is coming, the long-shelved remake of the eighties classic Red Dawn is destined to hit screens later this year. After much hemming and hawing throughout MGM’s financial woes the film was rescued and made ready for our collective consumption.

It was also diddled with a bit…

The film follows a group of young adults forced to band together when their homeland, Americuh, is invaded by the North Korean military. Yup. North Korea. The original film cast the interlopers as a Russian/Cuban collaboration, and the remake originally changed them to Chinese. After filming wrapped someone in a position of power (and stupidity) decided labeling the Chinese as bad guys was bad for business so they did some digital manipulation to change the Chinese flags, emblems and grimaces to North Korean.

Our country’s future rests in the hands of Chris Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson, Josh Peck, Adrianne Palicki, and Isabel Lucas.

Yahoo! Movies has just debuted the poster, and it does a fantastic job…if that job was as recruitment for your local militia. Check below for the full poster in all of its glory

So yeah, pretty underwhelming that a film filled with Swedish French North Korean baddies, gunfire, explosions and the lovely Miss Palicki gets a bland line-up poster. But the goal is to fill seats meaning the hope is people will recognize the stars of Thor and The Hunger Games (and The Wackness!) and rush out to see Red Dawn opening weekend.

As much fun as I poke at the remake I’m actually looking forward to it. The original remains an entertaining, cheer-worthy romp that I’ll watch whenever it appears on cable. And “Wolverines!” is still something I can yell in a bar or at church and have people repeat it back while holding their imaginary AK-47s in the air. Will this update have that same kind of staying power? Doubtful, but after sitting on the shelf for two years it’s nice to finally see it reach an audience.

Red Dawn sneaks unnoticed into theaters November 21st.

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