Chris Hemsworth


Extraction 2

‘Extraction 2’ Ups the Ante and Delivers Big-Time Thrills


Good enough to make you forgive Netflix for the abomination that is ‘Red Notice.’


Watch ‘Extraction,’ Then Watch These Movies


We recommend 11 movies to watch after you see the Netflix actioner starring Chris Hemsworth.

Extraction, Jb Nef

Netflix and Chris Hemsworth Deliver an Action-Heavy Thrill Ride with ‘Extraction’


Come for the action, ignore the rest.

Men In Black International

‘Men In Black: International’ Almost Had Something To Say About Forgetting


There’s an undercurrent of trauma running through ‘Men in Black: International’ that hints at a much smarter (and much better) movie.

Men In Black International

‘Men in Black: International’ Review: An Expensive and Disappointing Dad Joke


2019 continues its early summer movie slog with a listless fourth chapter in the MIB saga.

Thor The Dark World

What Makes an Avenger Worthy?


Papa Odin’s got a brand new bag.

Mad Thor

The Mighty Impotence of Thor in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’


Thor’s tragic, vengeful whiff is the colossal failure that defines our love for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Star Trek Beyond

Where Does ‘Star Trek’ Go From Here?


‘Star Trek 4’ is experiencing setbacks. As usual, money is causing the drama.

Men in Black International

‘Men in Black: International’ Trailer Breakdown: A Balance of Nostalgia and Novelty


Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith would be proud.