‘Lincoln’ Poster: A Gorgeous, Thoughtful Headshot

By  · Published on August 22nd, 2012

‘Lincoln’ Poster: A Gorgeous, Thoughtful Headshot

We all knew that Daniel Day-Lewis looked exactly like Abraham Lincoln, but this new poster for Lincoln is just creepy. It’s goose-bump inducing.

It’s also the kind of poster that makes you want to throw Oscars at it.

There’s no real doubt that Steven Spielberg’s forthcoming biopic will definitely be in the Oscar race. It’s the right kind of bait, and he’s not the kind of filmmaker to squander the opportunity. Plus, he’s got a searing talent on display, portraying an oft-misunderstand yet ultimately fascinating figure whose name seems to be thrown out more and more in political circles. It’s not like a movie poster can seal the deal or anything, but knowing nothing else, wouldn’t you want to see this thing based on Day-Lewis’ dramatic into-the-distance stare? This right here is the man who kept our country together during its darkest hour:


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