Leonardo DiCaprio to Conquer the Presidency With Woodrow Wilson Biopic

By  · Published on September 17th, 2013

Leonardo DiCaprio must be one hell of a speed reader (or he used his charms to nab himself an advanced copy), because he announced today that he will be producing an adaptation of a Woodrow Wilson biography that just hit bookstores last week.

DiCaprio will also star as the 28th president in the adaptation of A. Scott Berg’s “Wilson,” which he is producing with his Appian Way partner Jennifer Davisson Killoran and Berg. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the biography is a bit on the positive side, emphasizing Wilson’s progressive achievements (like creating the Federal Reserve! Supporting the League of Nations!) while brushing much of the more…unsavory…parts of his presidency to the side. Like his shaky at best stance on civil liberties.

So this might not be the most well-rounded biopic. Can’t you just hear the soaring music in the trailer already?

Now, the last time DiCaprio stepped into the shoes of a historical government figure it was an all-around flop (2011’s J. Edgar, never forget), but can you blame the man for doing whatever he wants now? He’s been on a roll lately. At this time, there isn’t a director or screenwriter attached to the project. No word yet on whether or not Jay-Z will provide a bumpin’ soundtrack.

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