Lee Pace Will Support the Confederate Cause for ‘Lincoln’

By  · Published on July 28th, 2011

As a general rule, it’s always a good thing when Lee Pace is cast in anything at all ever. He’s a stellar actor that’s proven his range and his leading man ability in everything from the TV show Pushing Daisies (gone too soon…) to The Fall.

Now, according to Deadline Gettysburg, Pace will be playing a supporting role as former New York mayor and early Confederate supporter Fernando Wood in Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln. This cast is unreal to begin with and the inclusion of Pace is more of the brilliant same. Fortunately, it also gives us a clue as to what the film will look like, because you don’t get a cast like this together without delivering an ensemble-focused story. Daniel Day-Lewis will have plenty of scenery to gnaw on as Lincoln, but there’s no doubt that the other characters will play important (even if sometimes small), pivotal roles.

That’s speculation of course, but the point is that even the smaller roles in Spielberg’s historical look at our favorite President are being filled by massive talent. A reminder that there are no small parts in the team of rivals.

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