Interview: Chris Hemsworth On Becoming ‘Thor’

By  · Published on August 16th, 2010

I wasn’t entirely sold when it was first announced that Chris Hemsworth would be playing the hippie looking God we all know as Thor. I didn’t think it was a bad choice, but Hemsoworth still really hasn’t proven himself. Sure, he was solid in both Star Trek and A Perfect Getaway, but nothing in those films says he can handle playing the hammer-wielding God.

But when Hemsworth sat down during a roundtable interview I felt a little more confident that Branagh and company made the right decision. Hemsworth is a charming guy. Physically, he has the build required for the character. But more importantly, it’s obvious that he also has the likability to make Thor work.

Here’s what Hemsworth had to say:

How faithfully would you say they stuck to the language of the comic books?

Nay, we didn’t (laughs). In the comic books it’s much more Shakespearean the way they speak, we didn’t go down that path. They’re certainly well spoken and very formal, but it wasn’t Shakespearean.

What’s your favorite thing about Thor and the universe?

I mean, when this film came along I was knocking on every door trying to get a job. Once I got the job I think what excited me was that I love the Norse mythology aspect of it all.

When you’re in that suit and in the world itself you gotta walk a fine line of not slipping into camp. How did you approach that and were you aware that you could easily go over-the-top?

Absolutely. I made dainty footsteps to make sure and I solidly planted my feet there (laughs). The costume does so much work. Hopkins said to me when I put it on that there’s no acting required here. And so, I guess working out the fighting style it’s an ongoing process. The more we did dialog scenes and fight scenes in the rehearsal process you begin to feel like your character. Then there’s days where you do not feel like this guy at all (laughs), but you gotta pull it together. You just gotta trust the people around you and Kenneth and he’d say stuff like, “You’re at a three, I need you at 10.”

What did it take to become Thor?

It was a lot protein shakes, chicken, fish, and that was exhausting. The working out wasn’t the hardest part. It was the food intake.

What’s your take on Thor, character wise?

Much through the journey of the film he’s a brash and cocky warrior. He’s got a bit of temper and his greatest strength is also his biggest danger.

How was it doing the stunts and all the action?

Oh, I love that stuff. Anytime I can get into that stuff… you’re getting paid to do that and it’s ridiculous (laughs).

Any idea when we’ll see Red Dawn?

I don’t have a date for you, but it all depends on what happens with MGM. I know they’re excited about it and people are excited about it. Hopefully, early next year.

Thor hits theaters on May 6th, 2011.

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