God’s Gift to Cinema: A Video Tribute to Paul Thomas Anderson

A reminder that nobody makes movies like PTA.
By  · Published on June 9th, 2017

A reminder that nobody makes movies like PTA.

You should never need a five-minute reminder of the cinematic brilliance of writer-director Paul Thomas Anderson, but you should always want one.

Anderson is nothing less than one of the world’s premiere filmmakers, he’s a storyteller who makes the intimate seem infinite, and who can connect personal struggles to universal themes of longing, belonging, escape, and acceptance. He tackles issues of family, personal responsibility, success, fulfillment, and illusory self-images in a way that no other director has or can, and he’s earned in many minds a title he shares with maybe his greatest effort to date: The Master.

This winter we’ll see the release of Anderson’s latest film, a period piece rumored to be called Phantom Thread that stars Daniel Day-Lewis as a designer to the Royal Family in 1950s London. In honor of that and all of Anderson’s other cinematic achievements, from Hard Eight right up to Inherent Vice, enjoy the following tribute from Movies in 5 Minutes that through a thematic linking of images reminds us – as if we needed it – that Paul Thomas Anderson is a born filmmaker, an astute student of the human condition, and a gift to film fans everywhere.

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