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Alana Haim Cooper Hoffman Licorice Pizza

The Cinematic Ingredients of ‘Licorice Pizza’


More like West San Fernando Valley Graffiti.

Hoffman and Haim in Licorice Pizza

‘Licorice Pizza’ is a Rambling, Engaging, and Inconsistent Hang-Out in ’70s LA


1970s Los Angeles gets a rose-tinted hang-out film.

Paul Thomas Anderson Shutterstock

Paul Thomas Anderson’s Films, Ranked

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How do you rank a filmography full of bangers? Very carefully, it turns out.

The Long Goodbye Punch Drunk Love

Paul Thomas Anderson and the Uncanny Influence of ‘The Long Goodbye’


Here’s an homage to one of cinema’s greatest homages: Paul Thomas Anderson’s love for ‘The Long Goodbye.’

Punch Drunk Love

The Perfection of the Date Scene in ‘Punch-Drunk Love’


Paul Thomas Anderson’s masterpiece is both romantic and rageful.

Magnolia Frogs

The Sacred Frog Storm in ‘Magnolia’


Two hours and forty-five minutes into ‘Magnolia,’ frogs start falling from the sky. Here’s why that’s the perfect ending.

Decade Trailers

The 50 Best Movie Trailers of the Decade


Sometimes trailers are the best part of a movie. These 50 particular trailers were some of the best parts of the decade.

Decade Predictions

14 Bold Predictions for Pop Culture in the 2020s


What will happen in our pop culture in the decade to come? Our team peers into a crystal ball to make some predictions.

Pta And Jonny

Paul Thomas Anderson, Jonny Greenwood and the Creative Partnership of the Decade


How two of today’s most important artists found each other and created three defining works of the 2010s.