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Game of Thrones: The Biggest Unanswered Questions for Season 8

A list of the mysteries we most want to see solved.
Game Of Thrones Unanswered Questions
By  · Published on March 30th, 2019

What was the Doom of Valyria?

Doom Valyria

Seriously, what in the seven hells happened here? I don’t think season 8 will actually answer this question—considering all the ground these last six episodes need to cover, this is one mystery for the ages that seems likely to remain mysterious once all is said and done. Still, I’d like to know.

What was with Tyrion’s reaction to the Jonerys Boat Sex?


Tyrion seemed decidedly unhappy to realize the Dragon Queen getting intimate with the King in the North in the season 7 finale. But why? By his own admission, he both likes and respects Jon, and he’s the Hand to Daenerys’ queen. Some on the interwebs have suggested that Tyrion feels something for Daenerys; personally, it seems like Jorah Mormont has too firm a monopoly on the “lovelorn advisors of Daenerys Targaryen” market for that explanation to make any sense. Which brings us back to the original question: what gives?

Will Valyrian steel make a comeback?

Valyrian Steel Knife

While Jon and Daenerys have a huge supply of dragonglass to take on the White Walkers, it’s a pretty brittle substance. In order to better their chances against the Night King, the best thing Jon and Daenerys and company could really hope for at this point is that Sam finds the secret to creating Valyrian steel buried somewhere in his stolen books. After all, Gendry’s back, which means they’ve got a smith on hand. Even if they don’t figure out the long-lost secret to the creation of Valyrian steel, if one of those long-lost Valyrian steel blades like Dark Sister or Brightroar made a reappearance, well, that would also be pretty cool.

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