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Game of Thrones: The Biggest Unanswered Questions for Season 8

A list of the mysteries we most want to see solved.
Game Of Thrones Unanswered Questions
By  · Published on March 30th, 2019

Why bother featuring the Horn of Winter if you’re not going to use it?


Sam casually found a bunch of dragon-glass knives and what is almost certainly the Horn of Winter all the way back in season 2. There’s a lot of foreshadowing and hinting surrounding the Horn of Winter in A Song of Ice and Fire, but in Game of Thrones there’s just this one shot of a rather ornate looking horn included amongst those all-important dragonglass spears—including the one which Samwell Tarly will go on to use and earn the title “Sam the Slayer.” Is the horn just an easter egg included to bait book fans? Or will this one-shot wonder from season 2 make a surprise return in season 8?

Why did Bronn go north of the Wall?


It can be easy to forget that anything other than Ned Stark’s beheading happened in season one’s infamous penultimate episode, “Baelor.” But other shit did indeed go down. In the Riverlands, Tyrion was forced to fight in a battle for the first time—though “fight” is perhaps a strong word, considering that in a move that’s 50% Tolkien reference and 50% we-don’t-have-that-kind-of-a-budget, Tyrion got knocked out in the first charge and doesn’t come to until after the dust has settled. However, the night before the battle, Tyrion met Shae for the first time, with assistance from Bronn, and the three proceeded to play a drinking game in which Tyrion guessed Bronn has traveled north of the Wall. When pressed further on the subject, Bronn just said it was for “work,” which begs the question—who could have possibly been North of the Wall that would warrant someone in Westeros sending a sellsword after them?

It’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, but Game of Thrones loves foreshadowing. Remember, for instance, that time in season 1 Jaime mentioned he would much rather a “good clean death” over being crippled? Or that time he quipped at Jon Snow that if he wasn’t happy in the Night’s Watch, “it’s only for life”? I rest my case. There’s a story behind Bronn going North of the Wall, and it feels just a little too plot-relevant for it not to come back before the end.

Whatever happened to Davos’ wife?


Everyone’s favorite surrogate father, Davos Seaworth—Ser Dadvos, if you will—has a wife. Her name is Marya. He mentioned her a couple of times like four seasons ago. And since then, nothing. Nada. Has Davos forgotten he has a wife? Have the writers forgotten he has a wife? I don’t know. All I know is that if I were Marya Seaworth I would be pretty damn mad by now.

Why is Petyr Baelish’s dagger featured in one of Sam’s books?

Got Copy

The illustration on the right page is definitely the Valyrian steel dagger belonging to Petyr Baelish that has since found its way into Arya Stark’s hands (who promptly used it to slit his throat, because of course). Is it just used as an illustrative figure of a Valyrian steel dagger, or is there something special about this particular dagger that might be plot-relevant?

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