The Fundamental Action Legacy of Indiana Jones

By  · Published on November 28th, 2017

Name a more iconic action hero. No, don’t really. No comments.

Action movies come in many different forms, but the quintessential action/adventure series for the past few generations has been the Indiana Jones films. For all the genre facets (horror/thriller/etc), action is derived from danger, pure and simple. Nobody establishes and then delivers upon danger like Dr. Jones.

Indiana Jones, thanks to director Steven Spielberg, is often faced with ticking time bombs (figuratively) that visualize a sense of impending doom and give a large symbolic prop to catalyze the audience’s need for high stakes.

Jonathan Burdett’s new video essay highlights this utilization of focal points to guide the audience through action, be they these timed threats or a prized treasure being fought over. Making each action sequence meaningful isn’t easy, but through Indiana Jones, it sure feels like it.

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