First ‘Prisoners’ Trailer Is Exactly 41 Seconds Longer Than It Needs to Be

By  · Published on May 31st, 2013

The National Association of Theater Owners recently made a formal request to studios to shorten theatrical trailers to a maximum two minute run-time. The impetus here is as much to speed up the movie pre-roll time for theater-goers as it is to cut back on possible spoilers or a simple excess of information.

It appears Warner Bros. didn’t get the memo before cutting the first trailer for the upcoming thriller Prisoners.

Hugh Jackman plays a father whose young daughter goes missing along with a friend, but when the detective (Jake Gyllenhaal) assigned to the case is forced to release the main suspect (Paul Dano) for lack of evidence all hell breaks loose in the lives of everyone involved. Terrence Howard, Maria Bello and Viola Davis co-star for director Denis Villeneuve (Incendies). To be clear, the trailer doesn’t appear to give away spoilers, but it does show more of the story than is necessary.

Check out the fairly intense trailer for Prisoners below. It’s okay if you press ‘stop’ at the 1:50 mark as you should already be well intrigued and interested by that point.

Did you watch the whole thing? Of course you did. The plot turns shown after the 1:50 mark don’t spoil any of the film’s twists so it’s okay if you watched it all, but that turn of events sure would have been fun to first experience during the actual movie don’t you think? Still, the movie looks pretty fantastic, and the cast is strong as well. There’s a Mystic River-vibe about it all, but that can only be a good thing.

Aaron Guzikowski’s script made the Black List (for best unproduced screenplays) back in 2009 and saw a revolving door of several big names in lead roles and the director’s chair. He went on to write the script for the recent US remake of Contraband.

Prisoners hits theaters September 20th, 2013.

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