Exclusive: Mystery Team Treat With Donald Glover

By  · Published on April 13th, 2010

It’s no secret that we love Mystery Team at Film School Rejects. In fact, the only thing that could assuage the pain we’re feeling that this movie isn’t coming to Blu-ray is to load the DVD up with special features. Wait, what? They’re already doing that? Well maybe they can just bring the entire Derrick Comedy team into our living rooms and perform the movie for us in person. That’s about the only way they can top themselves. Mystery Team director Dan Eckman sent us this exclusive image from the DVD extras. It’s a featurette called “Who Is Wally Cummings?: The story of an enigmatic, creepy, and disputably talented character actor who visited the set of Mystery Team.”

This is exactly why we love Derrick Comedy. We just hope they’ll be able to put another feature together, what with everyone become famous and well-known all over the place. What’s going to happen to the face of indie comedies when these guys are all owned by NBC? Do your part. Don’t let it happen. By massive quantities of Mystery Team on May 25th to assure a sequel. Keep hope alive!

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