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The Lion Eats Tonight In This Exclusive Clip from Dick Maas’ ‘Uncaged’

The director of ‘Amsterdamned’ and ‘Sint’ is back with more bloody fun.
By  · Published on March 12th, 2020

Some of us here at Film School Rejects are long-time fans of Dutch director Dick Maas — and I only say “some” because not all of our writers have seen the genre brilliance spread throughout his extensive filmography. From 1983’s killer elevator flick The Lift to his own US remake in 2001 (The Shaft), and from the blackly comic SCUBA-centric slasher Amsterdamned (1988) to 2010’s fantastically nutty slice of Christmas horror Sint, Maas’ style of horror cinema typically involves big fun, dark laughs, and bloody demises.

They are entertaining as hell.

Most of Maas’ films from his nearly four-decade-long career haven’t actually made it to the U.S., and that was almost the case with his latest film too. Prey originally released in 2016, and now four years later it’s finally arriving on our shores under a new name — Uncaged. Different title, same massively entertaining animal attack movie about a hungry lion on the rampage in Amsterdam. It releases mid-March, but we’re thrilled to whet your appetite with an exclusive look at a scene featuring the killer lion enjoying the city’s excellent public transportation system. Check out the clip below.

My full review is here, but the gist is that Uncaged is another bloody bundle of fun from the Maestro of malicious mayhem. It’s clear that he’s having an absolute blast letting his lion tear through Amsterdam, and as with his slasher set in the beautiful, canal-happy city the setting offers fresh scenery alongside its genre thrills. Guts are spilled, limbs are severed, and we even get chase scenes as the toothy feline pursues his prey. No one is safe, including kids, and the carnage is often book-ended with physical gags and blackly comic dialogue that make this as successful a horror/comedy as it is an animal attack flick. Is there some occasionally dodgy CG? Yes, but it’s not enough to ruin the experience of this ridiculously fun and terrifically bloody movie.

The official synopsis is below:

“After finding a gruesomely slaughtered farmer’s family just outside Amsterdam, the police call Royal Zoo’s veterinarian, Lizzy for help. She immediately sees what must have caused the bloody mutilations: an enormous, aggressive lion. Nobody believes her and it isn’t until after a bloodbath at the main park that the authorities agree with her plan to deploy the British hunter, Jack, to catch the killer lion. However, tensions rise as Lizzy’s boyfriend Dave starts to worry about Lizzy and Jack’s previous romantic relationship getting in the way. But even he must admit that Jack is their best chance to prevent more bloodshed on the city streets. The hunt is on…”

Uncaged hits DVD, VOD, and digital HD on leading platforms starting March 17th, 2020.

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