Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man to Exist in a Post-Avengers World

By  · Published on April 26th, 2010

When director Edgar Wright is done promoting Scott Pilgrim vs. the World later this year, he will return to Marvel to talk about the future of his Ant-Man movie. This, according to Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige. The film, which will tell the story of Hank Pym, a scientist who invents a way to drastically change the size of his body as well as control ants, may also get a release as part of Marvel’s post-Avengers strategy.

In an interview with Superhero Hype, Feige had the following to say: “Edgar was in L.A. last week, we sat down, and we started working on a calendar of when to get him back into it once he finishes promoting Scott Pilgrim, so I think towards the end of this year, early next year we’d start looking at early prep for that, but certainly for a release date after The Avengers.”

This is good news for fans of mid-level comic book heroes, especially those in the Marvel Universe. It’s clear that Marvel is looking beyond its mega-franchise The Avengers and toward very cool projects with very cool filmmakers. It’s the kind of long-term strategy that could very well keep Marvel in the movie-making business for a long, long time. More importantly, it will allow very talented filmmakers such as Edgar Wright, to deliver their own unique visions of the many interesting characters within this comic universe. So to see that there are plans to move forward gives fans hope. Ant-Man will likely happen. Consider that the good news of the day.

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