Comic-Con 2010: Thor is a Soldier of Fortune

By  · Published on July 25th, 2010

Forget the silly costume pictures. Forget the strange eyepatch. Some footage was shown of Thor tonight in Hall H at Comic-Con that was electric, gorgeous, and a hell of a lot of fun.

The trailer showed a truly epic nature to the entire project, but as weird as it sounds, the movie feels more real than you might imagine.

There’s been a lot of speculation about how Marvel would bring fantasy to its world of reality, and it seems as though they’ve done it.

With that juxtaposition firmly in place, they then blew it up with a favorite entity of the Marvel universe.

What they’ve done is to focus more on Thor as the tank-top wearing character that re-becomes the Godman when he earns the ability to pull the sword hammer from the stone.

In a scene with Natalie Portman’s character Jane Foster that seeks to explain a little origin, Chris Hemsworth as the romance novel cover model explains that our human ancestors called it magic, that we call it science and that he comes from a place where they are one and the same.

The world of Asgard is sweeping and grandiose, but it’s also built with gold and steel like a giant church organ-style building. The hall is polished to Royal perfection, and Anthony Hopkins looks like he owns the entire world as Odin.

We see Thor get banished from the kingdom and forced far across the universe to planet Earth where Nurse Jane Foster finds him.

Over all, the crowd reaction was full of cheers and tears proving once again that Marvel (and Favreau) are the only ones who truly understand how to get a Comic-Con crowd out of their seats.

The 3D looked fine, but not mind blowing. There was a bit of disconnect between the lines, and that’s the sort of thing to expect with post conversion. However, it was definitely better than it could have been. Still, the clean up process is hopefully still going on because it looks miles away from anything done natively.

Since every good thing must come to the end with an explosion, the footage displayed what looked like a giant medieval-meets-modern presence that lit up and blew up several federal vehicles. That presence was The Destroyer, and there’s a solid chance that it will be blowing up more than Lincoln Towncars in the future.

The excitement is back.

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