Chris Hemsworth: Huge ‘Avengers’ Script Shows Tension Between Two Superheroes

By  · Published on January 24th, 2011

From the moment Marvel announced The Avengers and their vision for it, we knew it would be massive. There’s a baker’s dozen of major actors involved, and a healthy stockade of them will have super powers (or super suits they invented in a cave). There is also a lot of ground to cover to bring all those heroes together.

Now, Chris Hemsworth has spoken to MTV and revealed his thoughts on the script, getting used to his co-stars, and the two characters that spoiler-ily get their Irish up against each other.

So, he sort of sidestepped the question by saying there was a lot of friction between Thor and Hulk…in the comic books. But the pair arguing and even fighting is a natural conclusion to come to (especially if you’ve read the comics).

At any rate, it’s encouraging to see an actor call out the script for being huge. He could have said, “It’s great. Everyone’s great. The movie’s going to be great. Great great great.”

But he said “Massive.”

That’s reason to stay excited.

And hope for some Thor vs. Hulk action.

What say you?

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