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There’s Already a ‘Bright’ Sequel in the Works

Who knew that a David Ayer and Max Landis picture would get a sequel before its premiere?
By  · Published on December 21st, 2017

Who knew that a David Ayer and Max Landis picture would get a sequel before its premiere?

Netflix likes being in the Will Smith business. That much is obvious since they have announced a sequel to the Netflix film Bright before it has even aired. We don’t know how Netflix figures out their metrics, but they have decided that the film is going to need a sequel and they want in.

Bright, directed by Suicide Squad’s David Ayer with a script by Max Landis, isn’t a typical Will Smith affair. It is a hybrid of Ayer’s films including End of Watch, in that Smith is partnering with an orc to take down crime in a magic filled world. Joel Edgerton plays the role of Will Smith’s orc partner in the movie. The film is opening in a weekend full of box office choices including Jumanji and The Greatest Showman, but Netflix believes that with Will Smith audiences might find the film they want to watch this weekend is right in their home. Especially since Netflix reportedly spent upwards of $90 million dollars for the picture, easily one of their most expensive in-home movies to date.

Bloomberg says that Netflix is moving forward with Bright 2 and it will be the first sequel that the streaming giant has green-lit. They’ve had countless attempts at success including films like Okja and Mudbound, but neither of those really called for a sequel or an attempt at a franchise. This is Netflix, taking a risk regardless of quality, that people are going to turn on their device and watch this new special effects-laden picture. It has obviously worked countless times in their relationship with Adam Sandler so quality doesn’t seem to be a big issue. Also, the awareness of Bright is fantastic, as people who aren’t really on top of box office trends seem to know it is a thing, likely do the huge audience Netflix already commands. Onwards to Bright 2 then!

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