Will Smith


Will Smith in King Richard

‘King Richard’ Succeeds as an Inspiring Biopic and a Thrilling Tennis Film


His name is in the title, but this is a biopic of an entire family supporting and succeeding together.

Will Smith Fresh Prince Acting

‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ Was Will Smith’s Acting School


The future superstar cut his teeth with the sitcom’s most famous “very special” episodes.

Bad Boys For Life Ending

The Ending of ‘Bad Boys For Life’ Explained


‘Bad Boys For Life’ completes the action lover’s idea of the ‘Before Trilogy.’ We demand a sequel, but only when we can revisit Martin Lawrence and Will Smith in their geriatric prime.


Watch ‘Bad Boys for Life,’ Then Watch These Movies


We recommend 11 movies to watch after you see the third ‘Bad Boys’ movie.

Bad Boys For Life

‘Bad Boys for Life’ Review: Hell Yeah


Against the odds, a sequel arriving more than fifteen years later is actually a blast with killer action, big laughs, and real heart.

Bad Boys

The Alternate Universe ‘Bad Boys’


Before Martin Lawrence and Will Smith, there was Dana Carvey and Jon Lovitz. Michael Bay would have made it work.

Gemini Man

‘Gemini Man’ Review: Mr. and Mr. Smith Are Back Baby


Ang Ang there goes your heart.


‘Aladdin’ Production Designer Gemma Jackson on How She Erected Agrabah in England


We chat with Gemma Jackson about constructing a whole new world from the ground up.


‘Aladdin’ Trailer Breakdown: A Slightly New World


There are merits to a faithful adaptation, but will this Disney remake go too far to assuage our nostalgia?