Sophia Stewart

Writer, college student, television connoisseur.
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Why Filmmakers Are So Obsessed with Cars

By Sophia Stewart 

Cars are ubiquitous in film. Find out what makes them such great dramatic vehicles (pun intended).

Shakespeare in Love Screen Shot

The Delightful Anachronism of ‘Shakespeare in Love’

By Sophia Stewart 

20 years after its release, this work of Shakespeare fan fiction approaches inaccuracy with aplomb.


The Meta Storytelling of ‘Westworld’

By Sophia Stewart 

Watch a video essay about how Westworld is about much more than meets the eye.

Before Sunset Linklater Hawke Delpy

What the ‘Before’ Trilogy Gets Right About Relationships

By Sophia Stewart 

Richard Linklater has a lot to teach us about falling and staying in love.

Toy Story 2 Pixar

How Pixar Pays Homage to Classic Cinema

By Sophia Stewart 

Pixar sneaks some pretty subtle references into its movies — can you catch them all?

Madonna Vogue David Fincher

10 Great Music Videos Directed By Your Favorite Filmmakers

By Sophia Stewart 

When film directors venture into music videos, great things can happen.

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How David Fincher Seamlessly Merges Motion with Emotion

By Sophia Stewart 

The director’s camerawork is so precise that it can commandeer your perception.

Twilight Zone Screenshot

What ‘The Twilight Zone’ Teaches Us About Storytelling

By Sophia Stewart 

Watch a video essay on the cinematic devices of one of the most influential TV shows of all time.

Thor: Rangnarok

The Cutting-Edge Technology Behind ‘Thor: Ragnarok’

By Sophia Stewart 

Director Taika Waititi reveals the filmmaking secrets that made the movie’s most stunning sequence.