Sophia Stewart

Writer, college student, television connoisseur.

How ‘Black Panther’ Fixed the Marvel Formula

By Sophia Stewart 

Watch a video about how Ryan Coogler tackles the MCU’s biggest problems.

Shape Of Water

The Referential Brilliance of ‘The Shape of Water’

By Sophia Stewart 

A comprehensive guide to Guillermo del Toro’s unique cinematic influences.

American Vandal Mindhunter Netflix

‘American Vandal,’ ‘Mindhunter,’ and Netflix’s True Crime Discourse

By Sophia Stewart 

With addictive docs and incisive dramas, Netflix both satiates and complicates our appetite for true crime.

Reed Morano Handmaid

Why Women Directors Are Thriving on Television

By Sophia Stewart 

Television trusts women directors – and is all the better for it.

Don Draper Mad Men

The Disappearance of the TV Antihero

By Sophia Stewart 

Exaltations of goodness and celebrations of growth are welcome and necessary additions to this era of Peak TV.

Screen Shot At Pm

The Life, Death, and Rocky Rebirth of the Movie Musical

By Sophia Stewart 

Can Steven Spielberg resuscitate the genre?


The Oscars Love Movies About Disability, Not Disabled Actors

By Sophia Stewart 

It’s time for actors with disabilities to tell their own stories.

Difficult People Julie Klausner

What to Make of Streaming’s Mass Cancellation of Women-Helmed Comedies

By Sophia Stewart 

It’s a tough moment for women in comedy.