Sheryl Oh

Sheryl Oh often finds herself fascinated (and let's be real, a little obsessed) with actors and their onscreen accomplishments, developing Film School Rejects' Filmographies column as a passion project. She's not very good at Twitter but find her at @sherhorowitz anyway. (She/Her)
Decade Breakout Performances

The 25 Best Breakout Performances of the Decade

By Sheryl Oh 

The 2010s produced many indelible cinematic performances that have redefined the art of acting in film. But which breakthrough stars have made the biggest impact?

Matthew Mcconaughey Interstellar

How ‘Interstellar’ Tests the Loneliness of Space

By Sheryl Oh 

In Christopher Nolan’s space epic, very few things transcend the barriers of time and space. But love sure is one of them.

Raw Garance Marillier

‘Raw’ and the Grisly Rituals of Growing Up

By Sheryl Oh 

Through the artful presentation and deconstruction of implicit and explicit social mores, filmmaker Julia Ducournau forces us to confront the animal in all of us.

Inception Leonardo Dicaprio

‘Inception’ and the Therapeutic Nature of Dreams

By Sheryl Oh 

Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi extravaganza is certainly ambitious in visual and narrative scope. However, the cathartic simplicity that resides at the film’s heart is the real scene-stealer.


Building the Propaganda of ‘Snowpiercer’

By Sheryl Oh 

By virtue of its highly-detailed production design, Bong Joon-ho’s dystopian locomotive nightmare effectively portrays, challenges, and shatters the dangers of political ubiquities.


Celebrating the Slow Burn of Gareth Edwards’ ‘Godzilla’

By Sheryl Oh 

The 2014 American reboot of Toho’s iconic IP raises the stakes of its kaiju showdowns by imploring us to experience and appreciate its human counterpart, too.

Angel Not Fade Away

Finding Light in the Darkness of the ‘Angel’ Series Finale

By Sheryl Oh 

15 years since the ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ spinoff ended, we examine how a show full of vampires, demons, and other supernatural foes can still teach us a thing or two about humanity.

Taxi Driver

The Masculine Oversight of ‘Taxi Driver’

By Sheryl Oh 

Martin Scorsese crafted a man’s world in his 1976 breakthrough only to expertly — and importantly — tear it down from within.

Black Widow Feature

The Intricate Evolution of Black Widow

By Sheryl Oh 

With a ledger dripping red, how does the sole female member of The Avengers’ Original Six get her due 11 years later?