Sheryl Oh

Sheryl Oh often finds herself fascinated (and let's be real, a little obsessed) with actors and their onscreen accomplishments, developing Film School Rejects' Filmographies column as a passion project. She's not very good at Twitter but find her at @sherhorowitz anyway. (She/Her)
Andrew Garfield Under The Silver Lake

Andrew Garfield and the True Meaning of Compassion

By Sheryl Oh 

Between ‘The Social Network’ and ‘Under the Silver Lake,’ the frequent leading man upends genre expectations and puts our empathy to the test.

Zoë Kravitz Kravitz Big Little Lies

Zoë Kravitz Finally Steps Into the Spotlight

By Sheryl Oh 

Despite her constant presence on the cusp of pop culture, Hollywood has only recently given the ‘High Fidelity’ star her due.

Dev Patel Lion

Dev Patel and the Rewarding Thorns of Coming-of-Age

By Sheryl Oh 

From ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ to ‘Lion,’ the actor retraces the steps of human memory like no other.

Awkwafina Filmography - The Farewell

The Vivid and Complicated World of Awkwafina

By Sheryl Oh 

The star of ‘The Farewell’ is on a vital – if also imperfect – quest to attain substantial media representation for Asian-Americans. Does she succeed?

Jharrel Jerome When They See Us Netflix

Jharrel Jerome is Reinvigorating Hollywood

By Sheryl Oh 

It’s rare that a burgeoning star would boast such a groundbreaking résumé from the word go.

Brit Marling Arbitrage

The Unshakable Faith of Brit Marling

By Sheryl Oh 

We’re all just incredibly lucky to bear witness to Brit Marling, the challenging creative force behind ‘Another Earth’ and ‘The OA’.

Blackkklansman John David Washington

Join The John David Washington Appreciation Society

By Sheryl Oh 

The film industry is on the cusp of a revolution as the ‘Ballers’ and ‘BlacKkKlansman’ star enters the scene.

Karen Gillan Oculus

How Karen Gillan Defies the Constraints of Genre

By Sheryl Oh 

From ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ to ‘The Party’s Just Beginning,’ Gillan constantly encourages audiences to throw their expectations of her out the window.

Chris Evans as Captain America

Chris Evans and the Measure of Heroes

By Sheryl Oh 

The erstwhile Marvel actor embraces grace and shrewdness in ‘Captain America’ and beyond.