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When They See Us Fsr

Drop What You’re Doing and Watch ‘When They See Us’

By Carl Broughton 

Ava DuVernay’s latest is an extraordinary feat of storytelling and filmmaking.

Shin Godzilla Fsr

Why ‘Shin Godzilla’ Remains the Scariest Godzilla to Date

By Carl Broughton 

Gareth Edwards’ ‘Godzilla’ proposes the creature could be humanity’s savior, but Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi’s ‘Shin Godzilla’ remind us why the creature in its purest form is destruction.

A Collage

Can A24 Turn Summer Into Awards Season?

By Carl Broughton 

Another year means another chance at award season glory for the entertainment company, A24.

Game Of Thrones Duels

Game of Thrones: Ranking The Duels

By Carl Broughton 

For Honor. For Vengeance. For Glory. These are the best duels in Game of Thrones

Deadly Class

Drop What You’re Doing and Watch ‘Deadly Class’

By Carl Broughton 

Take a seat, because ‘Deadly Class’ is in session.

Black Panther Movie Of The Year

Movie of the Year (2018): Black Panther

By Carl Broughton 

When the histories are written, ‘Black Panther’ will stand alone as The Movie of 2018. Carl Broughton explains why.

Rewind Animated Series

The Best Animated Series of 2018

By Carl Broughton 

Bringing together animation from all over the world, this list covers the best-animated series 2018 had to offer.


‘Bumblebee’ Review: This Yellow Volkswagen Runs on 80s Nostalgia

By Carl Broughton 

‘Bumblebee’ is the best live-action ‘Transformers’ to date, but is that good enough in 2018?

Winners And Losers Header

The Pop Culture Winners and Losers of 2018

By Carl Broughton 

From ‘Black Panther’ to Filmstruck ending its service, 2018 was filled with Winners and Losers.