Andrew Karpan

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Phantom Thread

How Phantom Thread Won The Internet

By Andrew Karpan 

If there were an Oscar for content, PT Anderson would be in the gold.

Clapping For The Wrong Reasons Donald Glover

Remember When Donald Glover Made a Mumblecore Movie Before Doing ‘Atlanta’?

By Andrew Karpan 

Donald Glover’s long history of being on the money.

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly Disability

Have We Had a Movie About Disability Better Than ‘The Diving Bell and the Butterfly’?

By Andrew Karpan 

Even a decade later, Julian Schnabel’s depiction of disability went to a space few cinematic depictions do.

Is ‘Three Billboards’ The New ‘Crash’?

By Andrew Karpan 

McDonagh and Haggis are both sinewy edgelords. But different kinds.

Counterpart Jk Simmons Starz

J.K. Simmons Faces J.K. Simmons in Multiple Dimensions in Starz’s ‘Counterpart’

By Andrew Karpan 

Dark, fun, spy stuff awaits in both dimensions. 

Quinn Shephard Blame

‘Blame’ Review: Quinn Shephard’s Debut Is a Vital High School Drama

By Andrew Karpan 

A coming of age tale that bristles with the worldview of how highschoolers see themselves.

Rewind Workingclass

The Working Class Heroes of 2017

By Andrew Karpan 

This was a year in which Hollywood reached out into the rest of America to find some of its most compelling heroes.

Hudsucker Proxy Christmas

‘The Hudsucker Proxy’ is My Version of a Capra Christmas

By Andrew Karpan 

Why not define Christmas in the terms that we celebrate it?

Mudbound Jason Mitchell

Why Virgil Williams Changed the Ending to ‘Mudbound’

By Andrew Karpan 

How Virgil Williams and Dee Rees made a novel into their own Oscar-worthy meditation on race in America.