21 Things We Learned From Comic-Con 2015

By  · Published on July 12th, 2015

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With Comic-Con essentially in the books, our coverage continues. This happens every year. Even though Comic-Con is a much more relaxed environment on its final day, with Sunday traditionally known as “Family Day,” there’s still plenty of reflection and commentary to be had. This year’s big moments are undoubtedly behind us. From Star Wars taking everyone for a unique ride to Deadpool blowing the roof off of Hall H with foul language, it appears to have been a fun year for Geek Mecca.

And while it wasn’t particularly newsworthy – there were few announcements of upcoming movies, newly attached directors and casting – there were still plenty of interesting takeaways. This brings us to our list of 21 things we learned from the San Diego Comic-Con in 2015:

1. The line for Hall H was unprecedented in its monstrosity this year. Matt Singer wrote an interesting piece about surviving the line.

2. Star Wars: Rogue One begins filming in three weeks. This and more from the Star Wars panel.

3. Duncan Jones is interested in making Warcraft into a trilogy.

4. And from the panel reactions, Duncan Jones’ first Warcraft movie sounds like a lot of fun:

Warcraft looks huge, colorful, and fearlessly nerdy as fuck. #SDCC

— Evan Saathoff (@Sam_Strange) July 11, 2015

Lord of the Rings mixed with Mortal Kombat nerdy. #SDCC

— Evan Saathoff (@Sam_Strange) July 11, 2015

5. According to Ed Skrein, who plays Ajax in the movie, the new Deadpool movie will look a lot like Blade Runner.

6. Doctor Who series 9 has Maisie Williams, upgraded effects and now a very cool new trailer.

7. Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful 8 will get an original score from Ennio Marricone, his first new score in 40 years. Here’s a great write-up of this and other wonderful Hateful 8 details from ScreenCrush.

8. DC’s Green Lantern reboot will be called Green Lantern Corps, indicating that it will include more than one Lantern. This lends more credence to the rumors that it will include Lanterns Hal Jordan and John Stewart.

9. We learned that making Satan’s urine look real is a problematic thing for visual effects artists. Among other things, of course.

10. The Flash will be adding a bunch of faces to season 2 that are familiar to comic fans, including original flash Jay Garrick and Wally West. Also according to the panel report from ScreenRant, Barry Allen is getting some new powers next season.

11. Hasbro announced a bunch of Star Wars toys, including this First Order TIE Fighter. And there goes our money…


12. Some of this year’s best cosplay celebrated female heroes, including Captain Marvel (pictured above), a Furiosa/Frozen mash-up and some lady Master Chiefs. This gallery from Donna Dickens at HitFix illustrates.

13. The Game of Thrones team seems perfectly comfortable lying to the leader of the free world.

14. DC’s television outfit had a nice presence at Comic-Con this year, including what sounds like a fun panel for Arrow. Next season, it sounds like both Diggle and Oliver Queen will get new costumes. In her recap of the panel BMD’s Meredith Borders points out that Arrow will be headed in a more fun, “more Green Arrowy” direction next season.

15. Suicide Squad is going to be an interesting, unique experience. As Peter Sciretta at /Film describes: “At the very least we can see that this is a viciously detailed film, with a real eye for keeping things grim and weird. You think the Batman v Superman trailer is dark? It’s got nothing on this footage.”

16. Starz’s Ash vs. Evil Dead looks like a very soggy good time:

17. Joss Whedon is writing a new comic book now that he’s done making Avengers movies. It’s called Twist, and it’s the story of a Victorian female Batman. Yes, please.

18. Deadpool is the superhero movie the world needs. /Film’s Angie Han explains in her reaction to new footage: “This was our first look at real footage from Deadpool, and it’s safe to say it delivered. Deadpool basically seems to be to Fox’s X-Men franchise what Guardians of the Galaxy was to the Marvel Cinematic Universe – a quirky offshoot that’s all the better for its willingness to poke fun at itself.”

19. Those who didn’t go to Comic-Con can have fun to. As evidence of this, please see #FakeComicConFacts.

20. Apocalypse, the titular villain from X-Men Apocalypse seems destined to be a new fan favorite. In addition to a new poster showing off his look (below), he appeared in some of the footage that Bryan Singer brought after only 5-weeks of shooting. Here’s one reaction from Alex at FirstShowing: “Oscar Isaac in a practical suit as Apocalypse looks SO gnarly, just wait until you see him.”

20th Century Fox

21. In closing, please enjoy the moment when Bryan Cranston got the big mic drop of Comic-Con. We learned that Walter White has still got it:

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