Hiram Garcia Black Adam Comic Con

Hiram Garcia on Comic-Con, ‘Black Adam’ and ‘League of Super-Pets’


We chat with producer Hiram Garcia about returning to Comic-Con and finally unleashing ‘Black Adam’ on that particular crowd.

Scott Snyder Comixology

Without Batman, Scott Snyder Has a Stress-Free Comic-Con


We chat with Scott Snyder about returning to Comic-Con with a new set of ComiXology Originals and why they trump Dark Knight popularity.

Paper Girls Interview

The Anti-Nostalgia of ‘Paper Girls’


We interview the cast and crew of Paper Girls and discuss how the series challenges cookie-cutter nostalgia entertainment.

Comic Con Hall H Black Panther

Comic-Con, The Hall H Line Problem, and ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’


Step one is recognizing there is no problem.

Comic Con Musical Anatomy Of Superhero

Comic-Con Dissects the Musical Anatomy of a Superhero


We attended the 8th Annual Anatomy of a Super Hero Panel and uncovered the multiple pains and stresses facing many modern film composers.

Beyond Amazing Spider Man Comic Con Museum Spidey

The Comic-Con Museum Celebrates Spider-Man’s 60th Birthday


We wander through the Beyond Amazing Spider-Man exhibit, communing with the artifacts of Ditko, Romita, McFarlane, and Lee.

Star Trek Prodigy trailer Comic Con At Home

Captain Janeway Returns to the Final Frontier in ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’


Once again, Paramount+ is pushing ‘Star Trek’ into bold new frontiers. Are you ready for a kiddie (all-ages) human adventure?

Scarface Lion King Comic Con

Comic-Con at Home Requires More Than Online Panels


The reason we return to Comic-Con year after year is not to catch sneak peeks of movie trailers.

Jason Mewes

Jason Mewes Talks Stan Lee, Comic-Con, And His Therapeutic Directorial Debut


We spoke to the actor-turned-director about his new film ‘Madness in the Method’ and how it helped shed the torment of typecasting.