‘You’re Next’ Uses New Posters to Threaten Film Writers with Murder

By  · Published on August 14th, 2013

Home invasion horror flick You’re Next has been getting rave reviews for whole years now (including a few from our very site – here and here), but the film still won’t (finally) hit wide release for another week. To drum up a little bit of anticipation, it looks like Lionsgate (or perhaps the film’s animal-masked killers) have been distributing a few exclusive posters across the net.

Shock Till You Drop received the above image, along with this threatening message: “You’ve been chosen. The Animals are on the Hunt. And Ryan… #YoureNext.” But STYD and their own Ryan Turek aren’t the only ones in trouble, because Bloody Disgusting got their own poster and message, which you can see after the break.

Up top is BD’s exclusive poster, which they got along with a similar threat (with a different name for a different writer being threatened).

Now, I have no idea what the significance of the letters “T” and “O” might be. Presumably, these two posters are the first wave in a long series of threatening images, and that once we’ve gotten our hands on a few more there’ll be something to spell out. Whatever that might be, expect something frightening enough to make you soil yourself.

You’re Next’s last viral stunt was seriously spooky – the film’s masked killers showed up in other posters and stalked the casts of a few upcoming romantic comedies. Whatever these posters are trying to tell us, it’s probably something you don’t want to hear. Just think happy thoughts.

You’re Next opens August 23rd.