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Your Alternate Box Office: ‘Erik the Viking,’ ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding,’ and ‘Maverick’

By  · Published on May 6th, 2011

Whether you’re trying to avoid the releases this week or augment them with even more movies, Your Alternate Box Office offers some options for movies that would play perfectly alongside of (or instead of) the stuff studios are shoving into the megaplex this weekend.

This week features a hammer-wielding Norse God from the pages of Marvel, a woman who can’t keep her hands off her friend’s fiance, and a crazed Mel Gibson with a puppet on his hand.

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Double Feature With: THOR

The Pitch: Cheesiness may have been a main goal for Kenneth Branagh and the crew to avoid when making Thor, but it was a target for Terry Jones when he cast Tim Robbins and Mickey Rooney in a flick about a group of Viking warriors setting out on an adventure to Valhalla. The satire is laid on thick here, and where else can you see Jim Broadbent play a delightful rapist?

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The Pitch: Rob Hunter fiercely loves this movie, and it’s easy to see why since it’s one of the better examples of romantic comedy out there. It’s nothing groundbreaking, but when up against Something Borrowed, it damned near deserves its own space in the Criterion Collection.

The life lesson of both films is simple – if you’re passive about everything and miss out on your chance at love, you might get a second chance, but you’re still a pretty crappy person for waiting until hearts can be broken before you make your move. At least one of these flicks gets it right, and gets it right with a bunch of Burt Bacharach songs playing.

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Double Feature With: THE BEAVER

The Pitch: Tonally, these two movies make no sense together. However, it’s a fascinating look at two flicks where Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster team up, and it shows both actors’ range. Plus, it’s probably Gibson’s funniest film since The Passion of the Christ. It’s a hilarious western, and it stands as an interesting time capsule from 15 years ago to show how far these two talents have come (and how far they haven’t).

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