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‘Wonder Woman 2’: What Can We Expect?

Where and when could we see Diana saving the day in the sequel? Who should her next villain be? Will the few loose ends left at the end of Wonder Woman be tie
By  · Published on June 5th, 2017

Where and when could we see Diana saving the day in the sequel? Who should her next villain be? Will the loose ends left at the end of Wonder Woman be tied up?

Wonder Woman should be the topic of conversation for everyone today, for good reason. The DC Comics adaption, directed by Patty Jenkins, grossed $103M in the US and Canada over its debut weekend, while expectations had assumed, respectably, only $87M.

So, it’s no surprise Wonder Woman 2 is happening — although it’s not yet officially greenlit. Both Jenkins and leading-lady Gal Gadot were contracted for a sequel even before the eminent release, and the director says she already has a location in mind for Wonder Woman’s next series of adventures.

That and more, including our own wishes, below:

Spoilers Below

The Setting

In an interview for Entertainment Weekly, while scarce with details, Jenkins reveals about the follow-up, “The story will take place in the US, which I think is right. She’s Wonder Woman, she’s got to come to America. It’s time.”

As for when, Wonder Woman producer Charles Roven says in a recent interview with CBR,”I know I’ve got to take her from the end of World War I to someplace. But whether it’s something in between — something in the time between that and [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice], I just don’t know. Or maybe it’s something after Justice League. I just don’t know.”

Jenkins does seem to know, though she isn’t saying too much. When asked by Uproxx whether Wonder Woman 2 could be set in another period of the past, say the 1930s, she answered: “It is for sure – I’m definitely planning something more interesting using that period of time. Definitely, it’s the plan. I can’t say what it is! But it’s definitely right in the pocket of what you’re talking about.”

The Invisible Jet

The only other thing that Jenkins has shared about the sequel is that she wants to bring in another one of Wonder Woman’s iconic staples: the invisible jet. She told Yahoo! Movies, “The invisible jet is very important, and ultimately we have to have the invisible jet. That’s a very big part of Wonder Woman.”

The Villain(s)

At the end of Wonder Woman, we see one of the main villains, Doctor Poison (Elena Anaya), retreat safely whilst her lover, Ludendorff (Danny Huston), is slaughtered by Diana, so it’s hard to believe she won’t eventually return to the screen in some capacity, with even bigger and catastrophic weapons of destruction next time around.

Aside from Doctor Poison or even a reincarnated Ares being possible antagonists, though, other villains who fans of the comics would love to see include: First-Born, Diana’s half-brother who attempted to destroy Olympus; Justice League villain Queen of Fables; the snake-haired Medusa; and long-time adversary Circe.

Maybe multiple villains? Wonder Woman isn’t lacking action in the least, and it’s pretty much a given that the sequel will pack an even bigger punch.

The Super and Non-Super Friends

Then there are the supporting good guys. As much as we love the quirky ensemble of Chief (Eugene Brave Rock), Sameer (Saïd Taghmaoui), Etta Candy (Lucy Davis), Charlie (Ewen Bremner), and Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), and we want to see more of them, what the fans would really love to see in the sequel is a fierce, powerful counterpart such as Supergirl or Donna Troy, or other fellow DC heroes (please not Batman) to assist whatever new adventure is at hand.

Especially if it is set in the present, she could be joined by one of the other members of the Justice League. Or is that more aping the Captain America franchise with its inclusion of Black Widow and Falcon in its second installment?

The Love Interest

What about a love interest? Could her next lover be a superhero, another imperfect male, or perhaps even a girl, on account of Wonder Woman being confirmed as bisexual by writer Gregory Rucka? Surely, a superhero movie featuring a same-sex love interest would be controversial, but if it is ever to be done, Wonder Woman could be the first to achieve it.

Diana’s habit of exploring the fundamentals of mankind and a non-stop exertion of love could be a beautiful bridge to unite superhero with sexuality. Diana stands for more than femininity. She also represents the unconventional, so pairing her with another woman would be interesting, especially with the platform she now owns.

Would that be something Jenkins would be interested in? Her previous movie, Monster, is about a same-sex couple, so it wouldn’t be anything new. And the surplus of support the director has received through the process of making Wonder Woman has boosted her creativity and opened doors that she didn’t previously think were possible, and she recognizes there is a platform here.

“I’m not a big obligation person when it comes to art. You want to do a movie like this because you believe in it,” she tells EW. “Then I had this revelation in the middle of the night: this is your dream cast, you’ve created a character that you love, and you can say anything you want in the world right now.”

On the other hand, there’s also a possibility that Steve could be brought back to life, considering that has happened in the comics. Being that he is already known and liked among fans, I find it more likely we’ll see Chris Pine reprising the role — possibly with a revamped identity. Although Wonder Woman’s story has been written and re-written over the years, some comics even end with Diana and Steve getting married, so that’s something we could see.

Or, as Pine jokes in the Yahoo! Movies interview, he could just come back as Jumpa, Wonder Woman’s pet kangaroo…

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