‘Wolverine: The Musical’ Poised to Fulfill Dreams You Never Knew Existed

By  · Published on July 19th, 2013

‘Wolverine: The Musical’ Poised to Fulfill Dreams You Never Knew Existed

The dream team behind the hit web series Glove and Boots, Mario and Fafa the Groundhog, are gaining steam with their quick-witted clips and fearless videos. Take Wolverine: The Musical, for instance. The puppet-filled series follows “Hugh Logan Jackman Wolverine” singing about his daily plights, and it’s everything you could have dreamed of and so much more. The musical features hits like “Oklahoma!” and “The Phantom of The Opera” as its subject matter, so nobody gets left out.

It’s a big departure from what happens when the actual Hugh Jackman puts on his own singing boots and sings at various ceremonies, like the Academy Awards and the Tonys. Don’t get me wrong, the man has the voice of an angel, but it’s always much more fun when he’s accompanied by a slew of other superheros like Iron Man or Spiderman, like right here:

Be sure not to miss Thor belting “Let’s Get it On” for something truly magical. It’s worth tuning into for that alone.