Why You Like Tim League Returning as CEO of Alamo Drafthouse

By  · Published on June 1st, 2010

For those of you who weren’t following the half-decade worth of business drama for The Alamo Drafthouse, I’ll spare you the gory details. The quick and dirty version is that Tim League gave over control of the brand name and licensing to CEO Terrell Braly, John Martin and David Kennedy on the basis that expansion would reach a certain level by a certain date. Then, the economy imploded, and, as you look around you, there’s probably not an Alamo Drafthouse just down the street from you.

However, the trio did manage to expand the company to Houston, San Antonio and Virginia.

Today, the company announced that League will be back in the driver’s seat as CEO.

So what does that mean for you? You can hear Austinites rave about the theater and rave about what a great guy Tim is (and how great he looks in a jock strap while Japanese men are shooting a flame thrower at him, for instance), but why should you care if you don’t live in Austin?

Because the Alamo might be coming to you.

The money quote from the press release comes from League:

“When I decided to sell the company in 2004, I was more focused on the hands-on development of programming, preshow entertainment and the nuances of the Alamo experience. I have since grown the infrastructure of my creative team, and I feel ready to share the results of our Austin ‘incubator’ with the rest of the country,” he says.

Granted, it’s not a firm commitment to bringing one to your neck of the woods, although the release does go on to mention franchising opportunities are available, but it’s a sign that the company is truly ready to burst out of the gate and set up shop in a city near you.

Cross your fingers.

What do you think?

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