What Green Lantern Might Have to Say About Deadpool’s Fate

By  · Published on August 12th, 2010

Ryan Reynolds last suited up for a superhero film in a red sleeveless shirt that left his arms cold enough to make him sarcastic about everything. The speculation was that, since Deadpool was one of the few bright spots of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Reynolds and the Merc with a Mouth would get their very own stand alone movie.

It seemed like a foregone conclusion, especially considering the popularity of the character, but with Reynolds trading the red tank top for a green CGI body suit, it might leave Deadpool out in the cold.

A Deadpool movie? Not if Green Lantern has anything to say about it.

The always-intrepid Meredith over at io9 raises the question, citing the scheduling problem of Green Lantern keeping Reynolds busy for a possible trilogy (when someone offers you a ring, it’s a commitment) and the lamentable twitter feed of Deadpool’s creator Rob Liefeld, who seems pessimistic about the possibility of a film for his character.

The possibilities are simple:

Yes, he seemed passionate about the character, but he was also passionate about bringing The Flash to life. Sometimes, things don’t work out as planned.

I spoke with a contact close to Marvel, and he said glibly that, “Deadpool? Oh, there won’t be a Deadpool spin-off film.” While it’s a shocking statement, especially in how casually it was delivered, it’s not the definitive word on the subject. Not when there’s so many players invested in the game here.

Plus, if Fox wants it, I imagine they aren’t going to let a little thing like re-casting get in the way.

It’s tough to say what will happen, but the most likely scenario (depending on the level of success of Green Lantern) seems to be that Reynolds will be committed to the one ring long enough that he’ll miss the boat on playing Wade Wilson again. Whether that will be enough to kill the project completely is pure speculation at this point.

What do you think?

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