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What goes on in a test screening?

By  · Published on March 14th, 2006

Have you ever wondered how people get into those test screenings that studios hold during the post-production process? Have you ever wondered what happens inside of the afore mentioned screenings? Well it seems that Chris Beaumont, a fellow contributor has the scoop on a recent experience that he had with a test screening:

After expressing my interest, the next step was to try and get any information about the film that I could. Turns out, there was very little they were willing, or able, to offer. All that she would say was that it was a comedy. OK, I can deal with that; I just had to wait a few days in anticipation.

Monday came, and I got to the theater, and was disappointed by what I saw. Yes, the screening was still going on, but there was a very small turnout. At 5:30, those who had shown up seemed to be mainly the friends and family of the students involved in organizing it. I got myself a seat in the middle towards the front of the auditorium and watched the film.

Check out his entire review about a movie whose identity cannot be revealed. This article is a very awesome look inside the world of test screenings. I would definitely recommend reading it, and also checking out his other work on BlogCritics.


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