WBC to Protest Heath Ledger’s Funeral

Those nut-jobs at the Westboro Baptist Church are at it again…
By  · Published on January 24th, 2008

Despite being out of the public eye for some time, the parishioners of Westboro Baptist Church have reared their attention-craving heads into the limelight by announcing their intentions to fly to Australia to boycott Heath Ledger’s funeral.

For those not familiar with these antediluvian assholes, they’re the same group that boycotts the funerals of fallen Iraq War soldiers and claims that God is punishing the U.S. for its complacency with homosexuals. They’re pledging to boycott Ledger’s funeral in the same vein – because he (masterfully) portrayed a gay man in (the Academy Award nominated) Brokeback Mountain.

Their press release can be found at their website, but it’s in PDF format, so try not to let it crash your computer. Their address can also be found at their website, and I’m sure they love receiving hate mail.

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