Watchmen Watch: Fox and Warners Settle

Fox is getting a ton of money, but we have yet to know exactly how well the company will cash in on the decision to pass on the project. The bottom line: Watchmen comes out on time. Just as expected.
By  · Published on January 15th, 2009

We reported earlier today that Warner Bros. and Fox had filed a Notice of Settlement Status and were all set up to have a meeting in judges’ chambers to go over the last remaining details of the settlement.

Now, we’re getting confirmation from IESB that the two studios have indeed settled. There are no details on dollar figures yet, but there are a few main points:

There’s really nothing surprising here. Fox is getting a sick amount of money – how sick we have yet to see – and will take some of the box office for a project they didn’t do anything for.

The best news is that Warner Bros. will retain the creative control over the film’s release. Judging by the comment sections and my email inbox, I know a lot of FSR readers were concerned that if Fox got some control, they’d stall the film or demand to recut it. Luckily, those nightmare scenarios have been avoided.

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