Watch This: Teresa Palmer Busts Up a High School Hallway In This ‘I Am Number Four’ Clip

By  · Published on January 31st, 2011

There are few people that can pull of an introduction like this, but Teresa Palmer (who plays Number Six) does it with style and some futuristic weaponry. After all, there’s nothing like blowing up some high school lockers, killing some enemies, and then making some new friends.

This is also our introduction to Number Six and a little bit more of that getting-to-know-you phase for I Am Number Four, the sci-fi action movie that sees Alex Pettyfer starring as the numerically titled lead who is trying to avoid being killed by the dark forces chasing him. Also, he gets to hold Diana Agron’s hand during the running, so that’s a bonus.

Check out this clip from the movie in which Palmer gets into a fight (probably over lunch money):

A little bit on the kiddy side of action, but that’s the point. There’s little chance that Bruce Willis will show up with glass-cut feet yelling obscenities and throwing a cop car into a helicopter here. Instead, it’s that slightly cartoonish version of fighting. Still, Palmer definitely looks like a bad ass.

The accent helps.

What do you think?

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