Watch: ‘Oldtimers’ is ‘Breaking Bad’ With Old People

By  · Published on June 1st, 2012

Why Watch? The beginning of Daryl Della’s Oldtimers is a string of reminders that Hank (Henry Della) is old. The 85-year-old is reminded to take things easy by his pharmacist and given shit about a friend who had a heart attack. He’s no Spring chicken, but when he decides to sell his pills to some local thugs for extra cash and they rip him off, he proves what he’s capable of.

It’s funny, interesting work that shows off a great script (and an opening that fantastically homages The Big Lebowski). Like Walter White, Hank is facing death (although not really an untimely one…) and he’s descended into the underworld of drug dealing and violence.

What will it cost? Only 20 minutes.

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