Watch: ‘Measuring the Universe’ Offers a Beautifully Streamlined Physics Lesson

By  · Published on June 5th, 2012

Why Watch? The full title should end with “About How We’re Incredibly Small But Definitely More Than A Little Bit Clever.”

So we’re this speck on another speck that only seems enormous to us because of how tiny we are. Yet it’s tiny compared to the sea of space around it. It’s even tiny compared to other specks. So how do we know how far away the others specks are? Isn’t that a bit like ants measuring how far away a mountain is?

This beautiful video – comprised of simple animation and some adorable light bulbs – is as informative as it is entertaining. Seriously. In just four minutes you’ll be able to sound far smarter than you actually are.

What will it cost? Only 4 minutes.

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