Wally Pfister Wants an All-IMAX ‘Batman 3’

By  · Published on July 21st, 2010

The new champion of the people, cinematographer par example Wally Pfister is fresh off of Inception and ready to leap into action with the heaviest cameras possible for Batman 3. As a true champion of the people, he doesn’t want to do the film in 3D (most likely because it’s a gimmick that will die out of its current fad phase any year now (our words, not his)).

However, Pfister did call 3D “phony” during a recent interview and went on to claim that he wants to do the entirety of Batman 3 in beautiful, soaring IMAX.

Considering the limitations of the camera, this would be a great challenge for the crew, but with great challenges come great responsibility or something, and, Holy Hell, just do it already. The IMAX

scenes from The Dark Knight are outstanding, and seeing a full movie that way would shove a glasses-less reality into audience’s faces. [Collider]

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