UPDATE: Dreamworks and The Mouse Officially Doing the Grown Up

By “the grown up,” I of course mean that they are engaged in a purely platonic, business relationship to distribute movies together. And probably sleeping together.
By  · Published on February 9th, 2009

Special thanks to my friend and future legal giant Alyssa for pointing me in the direction of the Law Offices of Craig Delsack who, for some reason, have a habit of printing AP stories. One such story, the official announcement regarding Dreamworks and Disney hitching their wagons.

While the press release announcement is pretty boring, we’ve been waiting around for it all day, and it only has a few key points:

Now we’re just hoping it won’t be awkward when Universal runs into Disney and Dreamworks at Urth Coffee or something. Sure, they’ll pretend to be friends, smile and be cordial, but we all know the hurt feelings will bubble up later and Disney will be all handsy with Dreamworks right in front of Universal. As if they need that kind of emotional stress right now. And with Valentine’s Day coming up. Seriously.

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