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Upcoming ‘X-Men’ Movies Get New Release Dates

Good and bad news for those looking forward to new ‘X-Men’ content in the next couple of years.
By  · Published on January 12th, 2018

Good and bad news for those looking forward to new ‘X-Men content in the next couple of years.

Fox has decided to shake up the X-Men release schedule with several date changes for the franchise. Deadpool fans get to rejoice, but other anticipated fare is being pushed back too.

Deadpool 2 has abruptly been pushed forward from June 1 to May 18. This crucially keeps the film a week ahead of Disney’s Solo: A Star Wars Story. While Star Wars movies tend to have strong second weekends, fans aren’t the most excited about the Han Solo standalone, which could translate to a lukewarm opening weekend. That coupled with Deadpool’s popularity ensures that Fox would get even bigger returns with the new premiere date.

However, on a less exciting note, Fox’s horror-based X-Men film, The New Mutants, is being pushed back ten whole months. The New Mutants is making the jump from April 13, 2018 to February 22, 2019, seemingly to avoid clashing with other X-Men films as they premiere in other worldwide markets. Frustratingly, it’s one of the more exciting mutant offerings on the upcoming slate. Director Josh Boone tapped into many horror influences and the film could potentially take the X-Men franchise to a whole new level.

Finally, Gambit will apparently never catch a break. I reported on Gore Verbinski’s involvement in the project last year, which seemed to get the ball going for the Channing Tatum starrer. Now that Verbinski is out (but Tatum is still adamantly remaining attached to star), the search for a new director is on yet again. Gambit is being moved from February 14, 2019 to June 7, 2019. THR reports that insiders believe the more comedic Gambit “will do better as a summer Marvel movie,” although at this point it is extremely hard to stay optimistic.

So with these fresh announcements comes a slew of different reactions. Those who are extra pumped for more Wade Wilson won’t have to wait as long, but I’m admittedly saddened by the fact that we won’t be getting The New Mutants until next year. The premise along with the film’s extraordinary cast (including the ephemeral Anya Taylor-Joy!) is enough to sustain the intrigue, but I suppose we’re lucky to at least get the movie altogether. Because Gambit? That film feels like it’s never going to happen.

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