Unknown Might Bring Prince of Darkness to Life for Ozzy Biopic

By  · Published on April 28th, 2010

Hell yes. So far, all the reactions to this news that I’ve read have mocked Ozzy Osbourne and made a joke out of the possibility of seeing his life on the big screen. These reactions are incorrect.

The prospect of displaying the early burglary, imprisonment, pioneering heavy metal, intense alcohol and drug abuse, Mario Bava fandom, and oral bat decapitation on film is genius. If done seriously, if attacked with artistic merit, it could be an intensely personal story told with a bitchin’ soundtrack.

According to Digital Spy, Sharon Osbourne has announced that there will be an announcement soon regarding the project moving forward.

She also mentioned that it would most likely be an unknown actor to take on the role.

This seems like the best possible option considering the usual baggage that comes with a name talent trying to slip into a famous person’s shoes. Or, this might be a great time for a progressive producer to cast an Asian leading actor in the part to counterbalance Mickey Rourke playing Genghis Khan.

What do you think, stunt rockers?

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