George A Romero The Living Dead

‘The Living Dead’ Completes the Full George A. Romero Experience


We chat with Daniel Kraus about his collaboration (posthumously) with George A. Romero, and how ‘The Living Dead’ contains every element you expect from the director’s films.

Zombies Out Of Style Article (FSR Illustration, with elements from Shutterstock)

Why Zombies Never Go Out of Style


To raise the stakes, just add zombies. It may never go out of style.


The Putrid, Repulsive, Unparalleled Romance of Peter Jackson’s ‘Braindead’


What says “I love you” quite like fighting your way through your own undead mother’s retractable womb and physically rebirthing yourself to be with the woman you love? Before the ‘Before’ trilogy, there was ‘Braindead.’