The Bad Batch Explained

The Bad Batch Episode 16 Season 1 Finale Kaminio Lost

Crosshair Makes His Choice at the End of ‘The Bad Batch’ Season 1


Those hoping for grand connections to the greater ‘Star Wars’ universe may be disappointed, but Crosshair fanatics get their fill.

The Bad Batch Episode 15 Season 1 Finale Part 1

‘The Bad Batch’ Puts the Final Nail in the ‘Clone Wars’ Coffin


As they race toward the Season 1 finale, Clone Force 99 exposes all their secrets. With revelation only comes more struggle.

The Bad Batch Episode 14 War Mantle

‘Star Wars’ Video Game Fans are Rewarded with a Significant Cameo in ‘The Bad Batch’


Episode 14 reintroduces two critical players, and their arrival equals the Empire’s inevitable destruction.

The Bad Batch Episode 13 Explained Infestation Roland Durand

The Most Notorious Mobsters in ‘Star Wars’ Arrive in ‘The Bad Batch’


How is Clone Force 99 ever supposed to join the Rebellion if they keep falling in with such a wretched hive of scum and villainy?

The Bad Batch Episode 12 Rescue On Ryloth

Inhibitor Chips Were Never a Viable Excuse for Imperial Loyalty


The hunky new ‘Star Wars’ addition takes his first steps into rebellion, and we can no longer ignore Crosshair’s villainy.

The Bad Batch Episode 11 Explained Devils Deal Orn Free Taa Chopper Hera

Two Iconic Guest Stars Bring Joy and Sorrow into ‘The Bad Batch’


Episode 11 continues to bridge the gap between ‘The Clone Wars’ and ‘Rebels.’ With that connection comes a mixed bag of emotion.

The Bad Batch Episode 10 Explained

‘The Bad Batch’ Returns to a Critical ‘Star Wars’ Planet


Our heroes walk the same streets that Ahsoka Tano once did. Will they prove faster learners than her?

The Bad Batch Episode 9 Explained

With Bounty Hunters Brawling, Boba Fett Can’t Be Too Far Behind in ‘The Bad Batch’


All clones lead back to the original badass bounty hunter.

The Bad Batch Episode

A Legendary Gunslinger Returns to ‘Star Wars’ for a Duel with ‘The Bad Batch’


An old, familiar face steps from the shadows and sends ripples of glee through the fandom.