Old Ass Movies


Start a Cinematic Revolution with ‘Battleship Potemkin’


It may be the case that the movie is influential only because it was one of the early ones to the party, but more than that, it’s influential because a talented creative mind had the foresight to see what could be done with moving pictures and to did it.

SXSW + OAM: Metropolis Buzzes With Golden Hornet


SXSW gave us the double-edged sword of joy through the heart known as Metropolis with the addition of a live performance of an all-new original score for the film. Plus, we drank beer during it. Only in Austin.

Get the Verdict on ’12 Angry Men’


To this day, 12 Angry Men somehow hasn’t saturated some movie audiences, which is why I feel it’s an important movie to feature here (in a column usually devoted to lesser-known classics).

Ripping Off Vegas is Easy in ‘Ocean’s Eleven’


If you’re just in the mood for a fun movie that could teach us all a lesson about what it means to be cool (and what might happen if you hide millions of dollars of stolen money in your friend’s coffin), it’s a solid choice.

Captain Blood

Join the Revolt of ‘Captain Blood’


The film has the words “Captain” and “Blood” in the title. And it involves pirates. Do I really need to sell you on it much more than that? From 2009, here’s Scott Beggs on why you should watch this “old ass movie.”

Hunt Down ‘The Most Dangerous Game’


Henry O. Selznick and Fay Wray deliver a fearful island adventure that doesn’t include a giant ape.

Seek Out the Truth in L’Avventura


A missing woman, a dark mystery that broods and builds into a tempestuous relationship, a painstaking process of turning the big screen into a canvas.

Paint the Town Pink in Operation Petticoat


Throw a bunch of free-spirited, unqualified men and women together in uniform and see where the wacky antics leads.

Discover the Genius of Lon Chaney in The Hunchback of Notre Dame


The film, one of Chaney’s best outings, is a transformative film that might just make you a fan of silent movies.